Alternate Wednesdays from 8.30pm

(see Diary for actual dates)



26th July 2017: SYLVIA WATTS

Sylvia has been singing in clubs, sessions and festivals since the 70's. Currently a solo singer, she has enjoyed harmony collaborations in the past, and is looking forward to doing so again soon : watch this space!  Sylvia writes songs - mainly, but not solely - in a pastoral theme in  a traditional style, and is highly delighted when other singers include her material in their song lists. 

Now residing in East Cornwall, she is a regular singer at Bodmin Folk club. She is looking forward to coming back to the Admiral Benbow,


You can hear Sylvia here:-

Seasons Turn








6th September 2017: GREEN/MATTHEWS

“Sophie and Chris have a gift for choosing great tunes and songs from our rich and complex English folk tradition and performing them with skill and imagination.”
Paul James (Blowzabella)

Chris Green and Sophie Matthews play English traditional songs and tunes in a thoroughly 21st-century kick-ass style. Using a beguiling blend of ancient instruments such as cittern, English border bagpipes and shawm as well as modern folk instruments such as guitar, flute and piano accordion, Chris and Sophie breathe new life into material from hundreds of years ago, making it fresh, relevant and accessible for a modern audience.


You can hear Chris and Sophie here:-

Miller of Dee/Begone Dull care



4th October 2017: DREAMERS FOLK CLUB visit to Penzance Folk Club!

15th November 2017: Double Bill!


Cornish folk duo Salt & Sky (Emma Packer and Lizzie Pridmore) are building a strong reputation for their exuberant performances of traditional Cornish music, sprinkled with a good helping of their own new material. Rooted in the local folk tradition, alive with originality and creativity, each arrangement is crafted with warmth that captures their love for Cornwall. Salt & Sky began as a fiddle duo but now come with mandola, double bass and also feature percussionist Jack Addy for festival and outdoor performances. Listen & find out more at

You can hear Salt & Sky here:-



You can hear Baldrick's Plan here:-



Guests booked so far for 2018....  
24th January 2018: Geoff Lakeman  
4th April 2018: Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer  

30th May 2018: Carolyn Robson/Iris Bishop

(also a workshop with Carolyn Robson)
11th July 2018: Jess & Richard Arrowsmith  
19th August 2018: Steve Turner  
31st October 2018: Alistair Brown & Peter Wray