Alternate Wednesdays from 8.30pm

(see Diary for actual dates)


About the Club.....

Penzance Folk Club was started at the Admiral Benbow pub in Penzance in early 2008 by Alan & Linda Collins, and continues to run successfully, with welcome help from a number of members and performers. The club runs alternate Wednesdays from 8.30pm; most evenings are "Round the Room" sessions where everyone has an opportunity to sing, play a tune or tell a story (there is no obligation to perform and audience are equally welcome).
Although the club originated from a background of traditional music, most evenings have a welcome mix of music and song, often including contemporary song, American old timey, old music hall songs, blues and occasional items of classic pop!
On the music side, as one might expect, there is an emphasis on Cornish tunes, and most of the tunes come with an invitation to all musicians to join in. When the tune is linked to a Cornish dance, it is not unusual for a few members to take to the (limited) floor space!
Round the room sessions are free of charge, but we always run a raffle which raises funds to subsidise our guest nights.

Linda in full voice at one of our Guest Nights!
Old friends Mary Humphreys & Anahata
About five times a year we book guest performers (There are listings of future and past bookings elsewhere on the website). We try to book artists of varying styles, while keeping entry prices affordable. If you have a favourite artist that you think would appeal to club members do let us know. However do bear in mind that the room size restricts the size of a group and even with a full house it would not be economically possible to book the biggest names!